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winter fox chapter IV
Chapter four                                                                      MIA
Wikex solar system 120,000 lightyears away from earth.
A tall woman with rusty wiry fur walks into an office overlooking a lush green plant with a light blue gas giant in the window. Sitting behind a rigid wood deck a steel brown furred man reads a hologram that’s being projected slightly over the deck.  “Mister Vice President” The women said then she saw him look up at her and she felt his piercing glare of his steel gray eyes.
“Senior fleet master Kovo, how my I help you.” The woman him say in a flat tone that was almost disrespectful.
“Mister Vice President, I’m afraid I have some unwelcome news Sir. At 24:43 hours in the mid of cooling down cycle gate key reactor the preside
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Chapter four                                                                      MIA

Wikex solar system 120,000 lightyears away from earth.

A tall woman with rusty wiry fur walks into an office overlooking a lush green plant with a light blue gas giant in the window. Sitting behind a rigid wood deck a steel brown furred man reads a hologram that’s being projected slightly over the deck.  “Mister Vice President” The women said then she saw him look up at her and she felt his piercing glare of his steel gray eyes.

“Senior fleet master Kovo, how my I help you.” The woman him say in a flat tone that was almost disrespectful.

“Mister Vice President, I’m afraid I have some unwelcome news Sir. At 24:43 hours in the mid of cooling down cycle gate key reactor the presidents convey was attacked while underway to the Hum’moren colony. The cruiser was lost with all hands as well as one of the two Type Sixty-six corvettes onboard.”

“Damn.” Kovo saw the Vice President mouth with his eyes low then he looks back up at her. “Wait, you said one of the heavy corvettes was lost, so what happen to the other corvette?”

“That the thing sir, we don’t know.”



Xara walks onto the bridge and a long drawn out call echo into her ears. “Attention!” Xara saw what’s lift of the bridge crew stand up and salute her along with Blacksight.

Xara salutes them “At ease everyone…” Xara saw the bridge crew take their sits “so, what’s the… wow.” Xara’s tail slowly flouts down the deck as her eyes widen when she saw a dark-brown female with pricing brown eyes and long gleaming black fur protruding from the top of its head. Xara turns to Blacksight. “Is… is that what they look like Captain?”

“Yes, this is what most of us looks like.” Xara nearly jumped when she heard the alien voice thunder into the bridge in her tongue with a thick scratchy assent.

“Okay… that just happen.” Xara said as she looks back at the screen. “Hello, I’m Xara Exoon president of Wikex, to whom do I have the honor of talking to?”

“Well, hello madam president I’m Dagmara Mauser the president of the Texas republic.”

“It’s nice to meet you madam president.”

“The feeling is multirole madam president. My condolences for the crew that you have lost.”

“Thank you, madam president. we managed to get a lot of our crew off the ship before we sunk.”

“We know madam president we recovered many of you life pods.”

“Are they all okay?” Xara asked in a deep concerning tone.

“Yes, madam president other than the injuries from the landing there all okay. Our air doesn’t some to be toxic to your kind and the gravity
of our planet seems to be very similar of the gravity on your planet.” Xara then heard another voice from the alien’s side of the screen.

“Madam president they’re here.” Xara heard a male voice say as she saw the alien turn her head to where the voice came from.

“Think you, I’ll be right there.” She then saw the female turn back to her. “I’m sorry madam president for I have to end this call early to 
inform that other leaders around the world of the situation at hand.” Xara smiles.

“Politics is politics no matter what plant you go to.”

“You got that right, I’m looking forward to talking to you again Madam president.”

“Looking forward with talking to you.” At that time, Xara saw the screen shut off as the outside world fad into view, then turns to Blacksight. “Strange, how come this plant has the same gravity as our home. Isn’t plant much smaller then Wikex?”

“Yes ma’am, it’s a third the size of Wikex, but the planet’s core must be vastly more dens then Wikex’s core.” Xara heard Blacksight said.

“Interesting, it might be a good safe harbor. Thou, I got a feeling that we need to get off world ASAP.”

“Ship Master, Madam President there’s something on the upper hull.” Xara heard a crew man say then saw a few natives walking around on the hull of the ship.

“I wonder what….?” Xara thinks to herself. “Hay, Blacksight do you think they’re going to try to cut thru the hull?”

“Yes, I believe that is what they might just do. Thou, they’ll have great difficulty doing so, even if with a super-heated plasma cutter. However, looking around at the technology in the harbor. They might only have those types of plasma cuts in a manufacturing factory. With that said madam president, it’s only my best theory in the subject matter.” Xara’s ears and tail drops in disbelief.

“Don’t we have a docking airlock on the top of the ship, Zarko?” Xara asked in a sarcastically tone.

“Yes, but, I doubt they’ll think about looking for it. Thou I catch your drift madam president. Vacooma get me a ship wide calm.” Xara heard Zarko said.

“Aye, aye shipmaster…. Calm’s active shipmaster.” Xara heard the crewmen say.

“To all remaining crew this is your shipmaster speaking, just a few moments ago we spoke to the natives of these world and they’ve said that the atmosphere isn’t toxic to us. There for, all nonessential personnel with the ability to move to the dorsal docking airlock are to evacuate the Firewall. For personnel who are trapped search and rescue team are on the way.


Wikex solar system 120,000 lightyears away from earth.

Kovo walks into the WSN Fleet HQ form the bitter cold of the Tundra. The atmosphere of the building was cool, stale and felt almost dead even thou if was filled with military person from every branch. The only sounds were the crackling hums of the check point scanners and the footsteps on marble floor that mired the reflection of everyone walking on its glossy salt and pepper surface. Walking up to one of semi-translucent cylinders. Kovo meets a vixen with a short wiry rusty fur under her dark purple marine core dress uniform showing she was from one of the warmer southern continents much like her ancestors once do. “Good after noon ma’am, may you place your belongings and your sidearm into the tray. Kovo heard the young vixen say.

“Cold day today.” Kovo said as she places her sidearm into the tray.

“Yeah, it is I feel like I’m going to freeze every time the wind blows heavily.”

“I know how you feel.” Kovo finishes putting her belonging into the tray.

“You may go ahead and move into the scanner ma’am.” Kovo walks into the cylinder, as the light darkens with every inch. She stopped in the middle and saw a ring rise and lower. When the ring came to rest flush beneath the floor it made a crackling hum and Kovo walk forwarded to receive her belongings from the young marine. “here’s your belongings ma’am, I hope you have a lovely day.” Kovo received her belongings.

“Thanks, hope you do too” Kovo walks away from the scanners and sees a vixen with blue-steel fur with burgundy leporid spots wearing the navy’s scarlet dress uniform with a sparking chrome Shipmaster’s rank. The vixen had her back against the wall and her head down with a rebel’s hue in her body langue. Kovo walks to her. “Shipmaster Scheela.” Kovo saw Scheela walk with her.

“Senor Fleetmaster Kovo.”

“Thank you for meeting me in such short notices.”

“No problem Senor Fleetmaster ma’am. How bad is this s*it storm?”

“Very bad, the president’s convoy was hit, we lost the heavy cruiser WSNS Iron Heart and the corvette WSNS Star Dawn. The corvette WSNS Firewall is MIA as well as the president and her two daughters.”

“What about her mate?”

“He was found dead onboard the Iron Heart.” Kovo points to her head. “He took one to the head.”

“Damn, when will the public now about this?”

“Whispers are already out, so we’re going to have tell them very soon. We just don’t know when, but right now we need to find out where the firewall is, because we find the firewall we find her.


Void of deep space 160 lightyears away from earth.

The Sari Black Ops ship the S.F.N.S Hunters of Dust claws it’s why out of the fold gate into the void of normal space. On the bridge Shipmaster Nero Shawlik snarls at the view of the empty void of space. “THERE, NOT, HERE!!!” Shawlik sighs heavily in anger “N-Navigator! Are you sure, this is the last place we reserved the tracking beacon from our pray?”

“Yes ma’am, this is the last location we received from the beacon. Hay captain we’re receiving a message in the Micro wave spectrum.”

“R-really, we haven’t used the micro wave spectrum in three centers. Play it from the point when we started to restive it. We just might see some history of our race.”

“Yes ma’am. Bring it up on the HUD.” Shawlik looks up that the screen as the outside faded away. On the screen, a figure with a flat smooth face with cream skin and only had long curly rusty red fur on the top of its head. “What is that?” as the audio come over the calm as the furless animal started to talk spiking in an informative alien tongue with a bitten aircraft carrier in the background.

“I don’t know captain and the translator has no record about that alien tongue as well. C-captain… We just made the biggest discovered in our lives…. Uh, C-captain the ship has a translation index.”

“Calms Master play the translated message.”

“Aye, Aye captain… translation complete replaying the message.” Shawlik watches the ships HUD as the message replays.

“Thank you, Leroy. We are standing at the San Francisco port as what’s left of the 6th carrier fleet after they were mercilessly attack by North Karen remint forces who were using a fleet of outdated Chines rail gun battel destroyers. All ships of the fleet have sub stand direct hits from these battel destroyers with three older rail gun destroyers conformed sunk skirmish. That being the U.S.S. Hellcat, U.S.S. Firehawk, and the U.S.S. Lancing Light with the U.S.S. Lancing Light lost with all hands.” Captain Shawlik and her bridge crew watch with empty emotion when an air raid siren starts to moan it’s dreadfully cry. They watched the fur less alien eyes widen petrified to the siren’s cry. “we need to move n..” they show the screen flash white and snap to darkness leaving an explosion behind before the audio to became silent.

Shawlik looks towards the calms master as the view screen turns back to the view of deep space. “Calms master.”
“Yes, ship master?” Shawlik heard him reply

“Find the location of that planet, once you do send it to the helmswomen”

“Aye, aye finding the sores of the transmission.” Shawlik tapes the com to the ships helmswomen in the cockpit.

“Helmswomen you’re going to reserve a location to a new system plot a course and open fold gate once the gate key has finished it’s cool down.” Shawlik thinks to herself with a predator’s smile.

“Our pray is heading to that planet and well sink on it.”
winter fox chapter IV
chapter four is here as last i'm so sorry for making you wait.
Xara help as finally arrived with her first contact with humanity, but it seems to be it's going to be cut short with there enemy out hunting them all.
chapter V: NA
Okay so for the next few days I'm not going to be online or more like actively online, for the next five days because my mom and stepped dad invited me and my sister to a skiing trip in Colorado.


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